A message from the artistic director

Т.Отгонсүрэн дарга

A message from the artistic director

Sincere greetings to you all on behalf of the Tumen Ekh Ensemble of Traditional Cultural Heritage. It has been decades since our ensemble has set the goals to explore, to research, to promote and to preserve traditional heritage and unique culture of Mongolia in their magnificent forms. Also to lead the sector with exceptional performances while satisfying the intellectual needs of the public. Over the years the ensemble travelled the planet to promoteour heritage. Many from our exceptional team of talents are honored with prestigious awards. In addition to the harmonious attitude and collective nature of the ensemble, enormous support from collaborating organizations and reliable partners as well as the encouragement and warm appreciation of our audiences and customers give us tremendous inspiration. We welcome another decade with more energy and enthusiasm to demonstrate unique traditional song, music and dance expressions in more creative ways to walk hand in hand with the achievements of modern era of new technology. We look forward to greeting you again and again with more spectacular performances of our outstanding team.

Аrtistic director